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Ground Turkey Burger and I have a Little Secret

I want to share with you this ground turkey recipe – Ground Turkey Burger . It is an easy turkey recipe for dinner. You can make it in less than 15 minutes. You can freeze these burgers or stick it in the fridge before grilling.

Ground Turkey Burger


Ground Turkey Burger

Hi! I have a little secret to tell. This is just between you and me. I AM GIVING GOD A TIME LIMIT. How? Here is the story.

Ground Turkey Burger

You see, when I was in college and single, I joined this Christian community group and I have learned that prayer is vital to one’s faith and one’s daily existence. It will make you closer to God ,it will make you  understand yourself better and helps you stay sane in this crazy world; and I believe that. So back then, prayer was a crucial part of my day specially when I  have to pray to pass the semester:)

Ground Turkey Burger

Then I got married and have children and prayer time is just a done by chance. It is a shame because motherhood is a tough job. When things get tough, that is when you have to hang on to the heavens, right? Currently, this is what happens – I pray when I have time. In the middle of these  motherhood chaos : chores, raising kids, driving them to school, games and homework, prayer time will never happen if  I do not plan the time to pray. So I got this idea of planning my prayer time. When I start my prayer time, I get my cell phone and turn on the timer. I put it in 10 minutes first then I restart it and extend it. I do the same in my Bible reading. When my husband saw this, he chuckled with a “making fun of me look, ” and I glared at him with a “so what look.”  These work for me. And I believe that God honors my effort to get closer and talk to Him.

Since I do not have the luxury of time, I try to be systematic in all I do. May it be in the household chores or in the preparing meals for my clan. And this turkey recipe made the cut for an easy meal that you can make when you are crunch of time.  It is so easy to make with really less time.

Ground Turkey Burger

You can whip it for only 15 minutes. You can make a large batch of it and freeze it for the next meal. Or, if you are eating it right away, just set all the vegetables and garnishes on the table and have your clan create their own flavor of a healthy and easy dinner. I hope you will enjoy it! And follow in FB and Pinterest and PIN your favorites photos.

Ground Turkey Burger

Have a great day!  

Ground Turkey Burger and I have a Little Secret

Servings:5• Serving Size:1 turkey burger• Old Points: 5 • Points+:6• Calories :219• Fat:12.2g • Protein: 26.6 g • Carb:4g • Fiber: .0g • Sugar: 0g • Sodium: 200mg


  1. 1 lb ground turkey
  2. 2 slices-thick cut raw bacon or fried,sliced I I fry mine first and drain the excess oil OR you can just add the bacon raw)
  3. 2-3 tbsp Panko mixed with 2 -3 tbsp milk OR you can use 2 tbsp corn starch
  4. 1 tsp toasted cumin OR ground cumin
  5. 1/2 tsp salt and pepper
  6. 2 slices pepper jack cheese, chopped
  7. 1 clove garlic, minced
  8. 2 small pieces of sweet red pepper, chopped OR 1 tbsp of finely chopped sweet red pepper


  • Mix all of the ingredients and for into patties. Grill patties and serve with vegetables and toasted buns.
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  1. This is a really nice read and I can relate to your prayer time. Before I had a hard time juggling my time but it was also prayer that solved everything for me. Now I am more busier but looks like I have more time, we never pass a Sunday without going to mass, I play piano there as well on occasion together with my daughter who plays the flute, apart from that we have bible teachings twice weekly, work 9 to 5 and I can still blog, have a weekly neighbors dinner, play badminton on weekends, etc…

    • This is so cool that you and your daughter are serving in the church. We do not have Bible Studies here which is a bummer unlike in the Philippines.You are indeed a busy person and how great it is that you have time to socialize.

  2. I can say just one thing! I am hungry!


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