How Much It Cost Us to Travel in Coron, Palawan


Hello my dear readers! Since I have not done a lot of cooking here in the Philippines, I will share with you today my experiences when I travelled in Coron, Palawan. I will share with you how much it cost us to go there, some of my experiences , and some suggestions to help you plan and budget your … [Continue reading...]

Easy Filipino Lumpia Recipe


GREETINGS FROM THE PHILIPPINES. I know, I totally forgot about this blog while I am vacationing here. One month of not posting , I really miss you, guys. Since I am posting from far, far away, I will share with this Lumpia recipe which I have been eating since I came here - Philippines ( you can … [Continue reading...]

Chocolate Flavor Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


You may have just found the best oatmeal cookie recipe. Wow, I love this chocolate chip cookie recipe and I think you would too, as they were very easy to make . The downside of these cookie , you cannot stop eating them... Chocolate chip cookie recipe plus oatmeal in it,  not a rocket … [Continue reading...]

Char Siu Bao-Siopao Recipe and Coming Home After 13 Years


Siopao is a Filipino version of chinese pork buns or steamed pork buns .It can be filled with various forms of stuffing, depending to your liking. It is so famous in the Philippines as snacks that you can see them sold in small stalls lined in nooks and sidewalks in Philippine streets. Char Siu Buns … [Continue reading...]

Char Siu or Chinese Pork Barbecue Recipe


Hello, guys! Char Siu is in the house! We are making a char siu recipe today for our future menu of Chinese pork buns or any noodle menu we will have in this blog. This  is so easy-to-make, freezeable, fridge-able, and made with pork tenderloin. Pork tenderloin is a very lean pork meat that is … [Continue reading...]