Vegan Juice Recipe- Spinach, Apple and Celery

How do you juice vegetables?  I was able to enjoy this vegetable  juice that is actually very simple to make with the use of juicer machine.

Vitality juice fruit juice recipe made of celery,apple and spinach

I bought another juicing recipe book and it will be my fifth. I felt so guilty buying them because I do not really follow the recipe but I only look at the pictures. But this week though, I used the juicing book and I am in a vegetable juicing frenzy. For the past three days, I am drinking vegetable juice and I am drinking the green ones. This recipe will be my second green juice for the week. I omitted some veggies because I thought they were unnecessary but I kept the   apple,spinach and celery.Vitality juice fruit juice recipe made of celery,apple and spinach

The green leafy juice really tasted like vegetables. I am not sure if it is suppose to be like this, but as I mentioned in my Tomato Salad post, that I do not eat salad- as of this writing I am still working on this tragedy – and this can be a form of salad for me. I drank the whole thing in one gulp and I felt more energized lately.

green juice 3

Please check the other juice recipe I posted: Awesome Orange and Berry Booster. And look at the nutritional fact below to motivate you to make this healthy juice. I also entered this juice on Healthy Vegan Friday in Rock My Socks.


  1. 2 handful spinach
  2. 2 stems/stick celery
  3. 1 green apple


  • Wash the fresh produce and prepare the fruit juicer machine.
  • Slice the apple into half so that it will fit to the juicer
  • Then juice the veggies one at a time. Include the whole celery stem
  • Enjoy!

green juice nutrition facts