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Healthy Version of Chinese Orange Chicken – Baked Rather Than Deep Fried

This is a healthier version of that Orange Chicken we buy from the grocery store and Panda Express. So fear no more, and enjoy an orange chicken that you are not guilty to indulge and munch with. This is a  baked chicken breast. The chicken breasts slices were marinated with fresh orange juice,  orange zest and more. I hope you like it.

Chinese Orange Chicken

Chinese Orange Chicken

My family is a sucker for Chinese food. Chinese take out, Chinese buffet, we are in.  So when you are in a diet like me, living so close to the grocery store that sells the best Orange Chicken does not help at all, because the Orange chicken they sell is deep fried. Therefore, it is terribly high in calories.

You might be thinking why I cooked this meal in batch. It is because this meal  will be consumed until breakfast and lunch the next day. Although this is excellent if serve hot, it is still good for pack lunch. Just heat it in the microwave and it is good to go.

Chinese Orange Chicken

Chinese Orange Chicken

So  today, when my feet were itching  to go and buy some Chinese food, I decided to simply make my own Orange Chicken and bake it instead of  the deep fried ones. I got this recipe from my favorite blog  Damn Delicious. I, however, baked the chicken rather than deep frying it, and I changed the ingredients’ measurements according to my liking.  Still, I am so proud of the outcome. It is utterly tasty: the recipe captured the taste of orange and the orange smell, what a delicious aroma.

There is one downside though, the chicken breast was a little bit dry compared to the store bought ones because there is no oily juice coming out from the breading. I think that is a good thing.
When I ate this food, there was no guilt at all. This is the kind of Chinese food that I should be eating…

Healthier Version of Chinese Orange Chicken

Yield: 8 servings


2 lbs skinless chicken breast slice into bite sized pieces
1 cup of corn starch for the chicken breading plus 1 tablespoon cornstarch for the marinade
2 large eggs, beaten
spray oil
1/2 teaspoon sesame seeds
1 green onion, for garnish
1 cup chicken broth
1/2 cup orange juice ( I got this from two oranges)
1 tbs orange zest from the orange ( you can add more zest if you like)
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 inch length ginger, crushed


  • 1. In a large bowl, mixed together the marinade ingredient. Set aside.
  • 2. Place the sliced chicken breast in another bowl in a zip lock or a bowl. Spoon in 2/3 cup of the marinade and mix it with the chicken breast. Marinate the chicken for 30 minutes.
  • 3. When the chicken is ready, drain the marinade and prepare a large baking sheet and spray it with non stick oil. Set aside.
  • 4. Scramble the egg in a bowl. Pour in one cup of corn starch on a flat plate. Keep the cornstarch handy as you may need more of it later.
  • 5.Pre heat oven at 400 F.
  • 6. Dip the chicken breast into the scrambled egg and roll it into the cornstarch. Place it on the baking sheet. Do the same to the rest of the chicken.Bake the chicken for 10 minutes then turn the other side for another 10 minutes.
  • 7.When the chicken is almost ready, place the remaining of the marinade into a sauce pan and let it simmer. Mix the 1 tablespoon cornstarch with 2 tablespoon of water and mix until smooth. Then pour mixture into the simmering marinade. Continue mixing until the marinade is sticky.
  • 8. When the chicken is cooked, put them into a deep bowl and drizzle in the marinade or toss the chicken gently. Garnish with onion leaves and lemon zest. NOTE: For me, I I drizzle the chicken with the sauce so that the breading is still intact.
  • Serve Hot.


This recipe was adapted from Damn Delicious blog. I just changed measurements according to my preference.


This is a sneaky sauce my friends. It is a secretly healthy pasta sauce that  has tricked my husband and my kids to eat vegetables. The sauce was made of carrots, tomatoes, garlic,onion and lean ground beef. I created this healthy sauce to sneak in some vegetables into our dinner. Although my kids are grown up, they still have a special aversion on anything veggies. Just like their dad,  when ever they see carrots or onion, these veggies are shove down to the out most corner of their plates. I hate seeing when they do that. But I just got the solution just right here.

Help! My kids do not like vegetables!
It is challenging to feed my children because they do not like vegetables. And that is what I thought is the healthiest meal I can give to my children. They eat only egg with rice or any meat with rice.  Though I have been partly to blame for this, since I did not really train them to eat veggies when they were little, I am in a mission to turn this around. SHHHHHH ! This is just between us, okey? I have been trying to sneak in some vegetables into their meals.


This recipe below is my version of sneaky chef. My son loves this. I chuckle sometimes when he raves about this. Not knowing that garlic, onion, carrots- the veggies he abhor, are present in this meal. I purposely add in the veggies a little  late to so that it will be kind of raw when they eat it. I also mince the ingredients so that it will not be obvious. I hope you will enjoy this as much as we do. Again, do not forget to pin the pictures and follow and like me in Facebook.

high protein pasta sauce

high protein pasta sauce


Yield: 5


5 cloves garlic ( chopped)
5 medium sized carrots ( chopped)
1 small onion ( chopped)
2 pieces dried basil leaves
2 tablespoon canola oil
2 tablespoon brown sugar
2 lbs lean ground beef
1 can 14.5 oz Diced Basil Oregano and Garlic
1 can 15 oz tomato sauce in any brand
1 8 oz tomato sauce
1 box 12 oz fettucine pasta or any kind of pasta you want
Velveeta Cheddar cheese to garnish or Parmesan Cheese
Handful of Basil Leaves for garnish ( optional)


    • Cook pasta per box’s instruction
    • In a large cooking pan, heat the oil
    • Add in the ground beef and let it cook until it is not pink or it is cook through
    • When the beef is cook, add in chopped onion, garlic and carrot
    • Let it simmer for 2 minutes and add in the sauces and the can of DICED Basil, Oregano, Garlic
    • Let the sauce mixture simmer for 15 more minutes and serve on top of the pasta with cheddar Velveeta cheese on top


Freeze left over sauce for next time. I am going to post another recipe with my left over sauce. Stay tuned to that.

Protein Pasta Sauce Nutritional Facts


How do you make a cheese cake dessert – particularly a Cheesecake Cupcake with Oreo Cookies in it. Here is the answer. I was intimidated at first to make this because of its fancy name and its fancy looks. But I was wrong. Though these Cheesecake Cupcake look very difficult to create from scratch, nothing can get easier to make than this- I was surprised. 


It is cold and my children and I are stuck in the house. Two days without classes, I ran out of foods to feed my kids. With a 6 – inch snow outside, getting out is not an option. So how can I entertain my children in this snow days? I decided to make these Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes.


I do not buy Oreo cookie often. But from time to time,  I cave in to cravings and let Oreo Cookies enter my pantry. Last week for example, I was craving for this Oreo Cheesecake cupcake and I also wanted to make a cake that calls for Oreo Cookies, so I purchased  a box of it. I have to hide it to the deepest end of the pantry so that I will not give in to temptation of munching all of  the cookies before they make their way to the cake and the cheesecake cupcakes I planned to bake. If you want to see my home-made Oreo recipe, check it this Healthy Oreo post.



I had some sour cream and cream cheese in the fridge anyway, so  this is just appropriate. I got this recipe from framedcooksblog but I decreased the quantity of the cream cheese, because the original recipe called for a pound of cream cheese. The original recipe will yield 30 pieces of cream cheese cupcakes; I thought that would be too much. I cannot let my waist suffer from eating these irresistibly good cupcakes.


As I mentioned, this is an easy cupcake to make. I used low fat cream cheese in this recipe. Note that this  recipe tends to fall in the middle so you have to fill the cupcake liner a little fuller so that the cheesecake will come out taller.  I  also cooled the cupcakes before serving since I thought it tasted better cold but you have to muster a lot self control not to devour these cheesecake cupcakes once it come out from the oven.



8 oz cream cheese
1/4 cup sour cream
1/4 cup white sugar
pinch of salt
2 eggs, slightly beaten
8 Oreo to line cupcake liner
12 oreo crushed

Easy Cheesecake Cupcake Instructions

  • Place cream cheese, sour cream sugar in a medium sized bowl
  • Line regular sized cupcake pan with six cupcake liners. Place the whole Oreo Cookies in each liner. Set aside.
  • Pre heat oven at 275 F
  • Mix completely the cream cheese, sour cream and sugar until smooth by using an electric mixer
  • Slowly add in the egg and mix until the egg is completely incorporated
  • Add in crushed Oreo Cookies and gently mix using a spatula, so that there will still be Oreo Cookie crumbs when you eat it
  • Divide batter between cupcake liners filling each to the top because this cupcake to sink in the middle. I used spoon to cup the batter and I used the spatula to scrape the batter. It is easier this way.
  • Bake at 275 F for 24 minutes or more until the cupcake is set. The cheesecake cupcakes will not brown but they are done. Let the cupcake cool down in the pan to continue cooking and refrigerate for 4 hours before serving. Enjoy.



It is Stir Fried Teriyaki Salmon time my friends. And since it is salmon, it is healthy fat, right?  It is a healthy, easy and a delicious meal to serve for your family who may have a special aversion with fish.


I know some of you may not be a fan of fish but how about trying this salmon for a dare. This Stir Fry Teriyaki Salmon was a hit with my children even though they are not a fish fan. There is a big chance you will become a fish convert.


I got this recipe from the Oriental Wok Cookbook and I was not expecting anything from it. All I know is that I have to use the salmon in the freezer. To be honest, when I read through the recipe and saw the various sauces and honey in the marinade, I got cynical on how it will turn out because in my household,we prepare salmon the easy way- we usually prepare our salmon by rubbing salt and pepper on it and then grill it.


At the same time, however, I got hopeful due to the tomato ketchup . Whenever there is a ketchup in a recipe, chances are – it will be good. And yes, this recipe did not disappoint. It smelled great and the taste had a little sweetness and sourness in it. As you take a bite, the aroma of the sauces are very distinct.



I also love the smell of the garlic and the gentle taste of the honey which was still tangible in spite of the surrounding sauces it was mixed with. I also like the leeks that the salmon was embedded on. I like the gentle tangy onion taste of the leeks paired with the salmon.





1 pound salmon filllet,skinned
2 tablespoon dark soy sauce
2 tablespoon tomato ketchup
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 clove garlic, crushed
3 tablespoon corn oil or canola oil ( use the 1 tablespoon for the leeks and the remaining 2 tablespoon for cooking the salmon)
1 leek thinly shredded
finely chopped red chilis to garnish ( optional)


  • Using a sharp knife, cut the salmon into thin slices. Place the salmon in a non metallic dish


    • Mix together the soy sauce,ketchup,vinegar, sugar and garlic
    • Pour the mixture over the salmon,toss and marinate for about 30 minutes
    • Meanwhile, heat 1 tablespoon of the oil into a frying pan or wok
    • Add the leeks into the pan and stir fry over a medium heat for about 10 minutes or until the leeks become crispy and tender
    • Using a slotted spoon remove the leeks from the pan into a plate
    • Add the remaining 2 tablespoon of oil into the pan.
    • Add the salmon and the marinade sauce and cook the salmon for 5 minutes or until the salmon is cooked through.
    • Spoon it over the leeks. Drizzle the sauce on the salmon and serve immediately

Nutritional Facts


You are not wealthy unless you have something money cannot buy.
turkey meatballs

This is a juicy and quick to make meatballs for the big game. An easy meatball recipe made of ground turkey, carrots, cilantro, celery and onion.

Since I just moved here in KS, I do not really have much friends, so I turned to  the internet to find me my new buddies. Yeah, we talk, but not as fast because the communication is done by typing on the keyboard in which I am not that good at, by the way. I like this forum because it is different from chatting. Questions were asked and the group have the option to answer them or not. So, there is no pressure.
turkey meatballs 2

Easy Meatball recipe

One of the member asked where she can find a good husband material. She went on to say that she had just gotten out from a failed relationship and now, she is going to find “the one.” I feel remorse for her because I can sense an urgency on her search. She has the right to look for an answer because after all, it is her future and it is her life.  I believe that she must be so desperate to seek  help from strangers.

I am not an expert about life, but I had experiences that can somehow help her and hopefully,  will help some of our single  readers. To be honest, I really believe that who you choose to marry, or who you choose to be your partner can make or break your happiness. Imagine living with a man/woman who is self centered and selfish . These spell – miserable life.
turkey meatballs 3

Some of the members in the forum gave her advice. Although they sound trivial, I also think they are  feasible. Here they are!
If she wants a man who are caring, she should go to laundromat place. When I was writing this piece, I happened to visit a laundromat to do my huge laundry and I  thought I can put this advice to the test (please note that I am married. I am just doing this for experiment). While in there, I  looked around and see if there are possible husband material in there based on the looks.   And true enough, there were  three men with different personalities.
There was one who was  good looking and was neatly dressed. I did not see cigarettes in his pocket, he was dressed neatly and I did not see baby clothes in his laundry too.
There was an Asian guy with a huge glasses. He is with another guy but he looked smart in his glasses. He is not very good looking, but his disposition was very refreshing. Based on his appearance, I categorized him as the awkward kid in high school that nobody noticed but is the one who will get those A’s an will certainly go to college. I have not seen his pile of  laundry, but I am guessing in his looks that he is single.
The third guy. He is the laid back looking  guy. This guy, I do not care so much. He has cigarettes in his pocket. I do not like a man who smokes. He is unkempt and so he has many tattoos too.
Turkey Metballs 4

Looking for an easy meatball recipe? Here is your answer.


I did not go to hardware store to test this advice,  but I have a friend who met her husband in a hardware store. The men just approached her, they dated for a few months  and they have been happily married for four years now.

turkey meatballs 5


This is where I met my husband. I joined a church group for young professionals and I am now married for 15 years. We have the same faith and beliefs. Although my marriage is not perfect, we both believe that divorce is not an option. We also have the same belief on how to raise our kids and how to spend and save our money.

Turkey Meatballs 6


Usually men who goes to college are mostly responsible and ambitious. So, there is a big chance that you can meet a man who has the same commonality as you.

Turkey Meatballs 7

These are just few advice from the forum members but as for me, I really think that she should get a piece of paper and a pen then write down what is the kind of man she is looking for. She should jot down and honestly look deep inside her what she wants for a husband,  and what are the things that are important to her in a marriage.  By doing so, she will clearly see her standards in a man. She should be very specific on what is the extent of provision or lifestyle she wants. Or what kind of emotional needs she has that this man need to give to her. And most, she should be clear that the man shares  the same belief as her.

Armed with this notes, she should go to places where these type of men revolve.  For sure, she cannot find the “one”  right away, so she needs to spend “this waiting  time ” developing herself into a woman that deserves that noble man she is looking for. And, she should never ever lower her standards.

How about you? Where did you find you man/husband?

Turkey Meatballs 8

An easy meatball recipe made of ground turkey, carrots, cilantro, celery and onion



1 1/2 lb ground turkey
1 medium size carrots around 1/4 cup ( chopped)
2 stems celery ( chopped)
2 tablespoon cilantro leaves (chopped)
1 small size onion ( chopped ) this can be 1/8 cup when chopped
1 tablespoon corn starch
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon or more salt
1/8 cup Hoisin Sauce
1/8 cup ketchup


  • Pre heat oven at 350 F
  • Chopped the celery, cilantro, and carrots in an electric chopper.Place it in a large bowl
  • Add the ground turkey meat in the celery mixture.
  • Add in egg, salt, onion and cornstarch.
  • Mix and form into a ball. Place in a baking pan line with wire or just place directly in the baking sheet pan
  • Bake for 20 minutes, until cook through. You can tell because it will brown on the sides. As shown on the above photo or, you can test one meatball and see if it is cooked through.
  • For the sauce:
  • Mix Hoisin sauce and ketchup in a sauce pan. Heat in a low heat until simmering. Gently add the meatballs. Coat the meatballs with the sauce. Serve hot.
  • Enjoy!

Turkey Meatball Nutritional Facts


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Today, I was reading CNN money, and I came across the life story of the Auntie Anne owner. For those who are unfamiliar with Auntie Anne’s, it  is a famous pretzel shop here in the USA. It is located in malls and airports. Anyway, she said that she was raised as an Amish. She talked about how she lost her daughter to an accident and how this loss put a strain in her marriage and how it led her to live a miserable marriage. In spite of being a Christian, she had an affair with the pastor who counselled her during the tough times.
soft pretzels
In my judgmental point of view, that would have been enough to mock her as a person and mock her as a hypocrite. But rather, I saw her as I saw myself – a sinner. I was once a sinner but now I am forgiven, redeemed by the death and resurrection of Christ. Then she found hope, she accepted the forgiveness, she stood up confidently before her God and turned her life around. She was blessed in spite of her past indiscretions, her husband forgave her. Currently,they are happily married and they are giving financial and emotional support in their community. She let the saving power of God make the past be a past.

This is the power of forgiveness and humility – they give you hope. You can try life once again, and then create a master piece of your life.

Although the Auntie Annne’s life was an inspiration, how about let us talk about this pretzel masterpiece. It came about after the second attempt. It was a result after throwing the first dough and trying making another one. It was the result of not giving up after the first mistake…

I made the mortal sin of recipe reading – the mistake of not reading through the whole recipe from top to bottom. The top of the recipe said 8 tablespoons of unsalted butter. I melted all the 8 tablespoon and pour it all into the flour mixture. By not reading the lower part of the recipe, I missed the part in which you just have to use 2 tablespoon of the butter for the dough and the remaining 6 tablespoon butter is for dipping. The result, a ridiculously wet,gooey, unusable goop. What a waste of butter, yeast and flour.

Now that the goop is in the trash, I am starting over again. Hmmm, life is like that too. You have to forgive yourself and start over again. Do it continually, and you will get a delicious life. I mean pretzels.

PS : You will notice in the recipe that I mentioned over and over again how many tablespoon to use. I do not want you to make the same mistake. I will say it again, ” 2 TABLESPOON FOR THE DOUGH AND THE REMAINING 6 TABLESPOON FOR THE DIPPING OF THE PRETZELS.” Do not get mad, I shouted at you. I just do not want you to make the same mistake I did. Here is the link for Auntie Anne’s life and you can bake this Walnut Banana Bread for the left over walnut you got.



2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 1/4 teaspoon yeast = to 1 packet fast rise yeast ( I use the fast rise yeast – the one in which you do not dissolve)
2 tablespoon unsalted butter (NOTE: IN THIS WHOLE RECIPE, WE USED A TOTAL OF 8 TABLESPOON BUTTER . Divide it in 6 tablespoon for dipping the pretzels and 2 tablespoon for the dough)
3 tablespoon packed brown sugar
1 cup milk
3 cups water
1/3 cups baking soda
1/8 cup ground walnut ( it was not ground on the picture. You have to grind it using electric chopper.
1/4 cup white or brown sugar
6 tablespoon ( this is the part of the 6 tbsp butter mentioned above. refrigerate left over. We are making another pretzel this week)


  • Prepare your baking sheet as shown in the picture. I greased the bottom of the sheet with oil then top it with parchment paper and grease it too. I used two baking sheets here.This will not burn the pretzel’s bottom too much. Set aside.
  • Place baking soda and hot water ( I use the warm water from the faucet. No need to boil or microwave) and set aside.
  • Place all purpose flour, salt and yeast in a stand mixer bowl. Mix using spoon or wire whisk. Set aside.
  • Place the sugar, milk and butter in a small bowl or microwavable cup and mix them so that the sugar will somehow dissolve. Then microwave for 1 minute and thirty seconds.
  • Pour milk mixture into the flour mixture.
  • Knead the dough by hand or by using the electric mixer until dough is pliable and smooth.
  • If the dough is gooey just put some flour into your hands and it will make it easier to work on the dough.
  • Form into a ball and place into greased bowl to rise.
  • Let the dough rise in a warm place for an hour. ( See notes below)
  • After an hour, Preheat oven at 450 F
  • Form the dough as shown on the above picture or go to http://easytocookmeals.com/step-by-step-photo-on-how-to-twist-pretzels/
  • Then dip it in the melted baking soda make sure to drain the water
  • Arrange in a baking sheet
  • Bake for 10 to 15 minutes ( you have to pay attention because the bottom of the pretzels will get burn.
  • When the pretzels are baked, MELT THE 4 TABLESPOON BUTTER dip the top of the pretzels into a melted butter and roll top on the the sugared walnut.
  • ENJOY!


I use fast rise yeast the one where you do not dissolve in water Tips to make the dough rise: Heat oven to at 220 F for 1 minute then turn off. This will become the warm place where I let my dough rise. Place the dough there for one hour.

This recipe came from Food Network. I just changed the process of cooking to make it easier for me.

Homemade Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese

Velveeta  Cheese was added in this recipe to make this Macaroni and Cheese creamy and irresistible!


I have been meaning to try this recipe  two weeks ago, but I just did not get the time until now. Actually, I have to make this quickly because my Velveeta cheese has been sitting in the fridge for a long time, since I made the Velveeta Broccoli Soup and the Taco Chicken Casserole , or else it will eventually stale. I do not want to be wasting food.


I have to be honest with you here. This is the first Mac and Cheese that I made from scratch. My children love Mac and Cheese and I comfortably buy them in a box because they are easy access, cheap and easy to make. The thought of making Mac and Cheese did not even cross my mind, until I saw this recipe in Yammie’s Noshery.


The recipe looked very easy to make. I think I made this meal for less than twenty minutes. Who can beat that? Although I tweaked some of the ingredients based on what is available to me, in my opinion, the result is better than the store bought ones. My daughter also agreed with me in this conclusion.


The cheese I used here is Velveeta Cheese and I used an elbow macaroni noodles. I did not add salt or any pepper because I thought the Mac and Cheese was good enough. You can add pepper and salt to fit your taste. It is up to you.  I love the smell of cilantro and paprika, so I used them for garnish. I am so proud of the outcome. I hope you will try it.

Easy Velveeta Mac and Cheese

The trouble is, you think you have time – Buddha



3 cups elbow noodles
3 tablespoon butter
2 1/2 cup Velveeta Cheese or 2 cups Velveeta Cheese
1 12 oz evaporated milk
1-2 tsp corn starch
salt and pepper to taste if desired ( optional)
paprika and cilantro for garnish (optional)

How to Make Macaroni and Cheese with Velveeta

  • Cook the noddles per box instruction
  • When the noodles are cooked, do not turn off the heat, drain and return to pot.
  • Toss in butter and half of the evaporated milk.
  • Let the butter melt.
  • Add in the Velveeta Cheese and let it melt. Continue mixing.
  • Meanwhile, place the remaining evaporated in a bowl and mix in the cornstarch until smooth.Set aside.
  • When the Velveeta cheese is melted pour in the evaporated milk with the cornstarch and stir constantly until thick.
  • NOTE: If there is a left over, just add a little bit of milk if it is dry, microwave, mix and it will be creamy again.


You can choose to live your life in the front row, or in the third row


The day is so beautiful, so I grab an opportunity to drive to the Asian store. I love going to an Asian store because seeing the goods there, bring back memories when I was in my country. I took the time browsing around each aisle and I wished I can buy all the sauces, the chili paste and all types of noodles.


I bought chili paste and tamarind paste. I also bought two kinds of noodles which led me into making this soup today. I got a Filipino type of noodle as well. I am going to cook that soon, since my husband’s colleague want him to bring some pancit. She said, ” If you bring me pancit ( Filipino Noodles) , I will be your slave forever.”


This soup today is very simple to make. NOTE: You can buy a Wonton Wrapper pieces in your department store if you do not want to make the Wonton from scratch. As for myself, I opted to make my own Wonton Wrapper, because I have a lot of time to spare anyway, and for a long time, I have been wanting to learn to make it.


The first time was a mess. I have to throw the first dough because it was very sticky. I added too much water because I thought the dough was not pliable enough. I did not use the stand mixer also, so there were so much lumps in it.


In the second attempt, instead of adding water, I stuck to the recipe and when the dough was not pliable enough, I wet my hand and work on the dough. The small amount of water in my hand somehow helped made the dough pliable.


To be honest, while I was making the dough, I was kicking myself in the ass, thinking why I chose to make it myself. As I was kneading, I was thinking of driving to the store and buying the ready made ones :) So my advise, if you do not want to give yourself a headache, buy yourself the instant Wonton. But if you want a challenge this weekend, and if you want an extra sense of pride for yourself, make your Wonton from scratch.


I hope you guys, are going to enjoy this Shrimp Dumpling Soup as much as we do. Please don’t forget to PIN and share the pictures in your Facebook account. Have a blessed day!

BTW, you cannot buy these noodles individually. You have to buy them in pack, so I will post more noodle recipes in the future. So do not throw them away :)


Dumpling Noodles



1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup boiling water ( I just boil mine in the microwave for 2 minutes)
1/8 cup cold water
1 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil


4 1/2 oz ground pork
4 1/2 cup peeled, chopped raw shrimp
1 3/4 oz canned water chestnuts drained, rinsed and chopped
2 stalks celery chopped
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce

42 oz vegetable broth or chicken broth
2 bundles rice stick noodles ( see picture above)
Onion leaves and lemon to garnish



  • Place the flour in the stand mixer bowl and make a well in the middle.
  • Pour in water, oil in the well and slowly mix the dough using a spoon.
  • Then use the mixer to knead.
  • Remove the dough from the mixer stand and check if it is pliable enough. If not, wet you hand continue kneading it.
  • Knead the dough in a lightly floured surface. Cut the dough into 18 equal size pieces.
  • Roll the dough into rounds about 3 inches diameter.


  • I used the electric chopper to chop the celery and chestnut.
  • Mix the filling in bowl.
  • Spoon a little of the filling mixture into the center of each round.
  • Bring the edges of the dough together, scrunching them to form a moneybag and twist to seal.


  • Pour the stock into a large saucepan and bring to a boil. Add in the dumpling and the noodles. Noodles are bunch on one side. See picture.
  • The noodles get soft very quickly so remove it using a serrated laddle and place it in the bowl.
  • Continue to cook the dumplings until cook through. Test one dumpling and see if it is cook.
  • When the dumplings are cooked, add into the bowl with noodles and garnish with onion leaves and lemon.

NOTE: If you do not serve it immediately, The noodles will expand and will absorb some of the soup stock, just add how water in it, and add salt or pepper if you desire.


“Today is another chance, make the most out of it.”


I promised in my CROCK POT ASIAN BEEF WITH BROCCOLI post that I will be posting a meal with Oyster sauce in it, so here it is. There will be my one more  post with oyster sauce and then we will be done with anything oyster. We can move on to a different sauce? Maybe the Teriyaki sauce which was a leftover  from the CHICKEN BREAST STIR FRY SAUCE ?

Our food for today was called Tofu with Bean Sprouts and Peas. I have some left over tofu in the ref and I was thinking about just frying them. I realized that I still have some bean sprouts and the oyster sauce, so I decided to cook this meal today.

I am so glad to say that this is good enough, that I did not mind eating it without rice. Paired with  the TIEN’S SOY SAUCE,  which my husband got from his Vietnamese colleague, I am so eager to eat the last strand of the bean sprouts. I will be sharing another recipe with oyster sauce next week. What can I say, I do not want that Oyster sauce sitting in the fridge for a long time. I have to get rid of it, right?

NOTE: If you are vegan, you can replace the oyster sauce with dark soy sauce and add accordingly depending on how salty you want it. ENJOY!




1/4 cup bell pepper (diced )
1 small onion ( diced)
1 fistful bean sprout
1/2 cup peas
1 14 oz firm tofu (cut into cube sizes)
5 tablespoon sesame oil (3 tbsp sesame seed oil for sauteing and 2 tbsp for drenching)
3 tbsp oyster sauce OR soy sauce for vegans ( or more depending on how you want the meal to taste)


  • Prepare a plate with paper towel to drain the tofu. Set aside.
  • Place 3 tablespoon of oil in the pan and heat the sesame oil. Add in and fry the tofu in all side until golden brown. Remove the tofu from the pan and drain into the plate with paper towel on it. Set aside.
  • Using the same pan you used from frying the tofu, sauté onion until it look transparent.
  • Add pepper and let it cook for 2 minutes. Add bean sprout and frozen green peas and cook for another 5 minutes minutes
  • Add in the oyster sauce or soy sauce if you are vegan.
  • Drench in the remaining sesame seed oil let it cook for another 2 minutes.
  • Add the fried tofu to the above mixture and add oyster sauce if you desire. Then mix.
  • Transfer into the plate and serve hot.


Serves 4

Note: Just make sure that you do not overcook ingredients, since it will be less tasty when the veggies are not crunchy.

Serve and Enjoy.

Nutritional Facts


You only live once, make sure that you create a masterpiece out of your life.
easy chicken taco casserole image 1Hi guys! Today, I am going to make a chicken taco casserole. You can call it chicken bake casserole, chicken breast casserole, cheese casserole or whatever it will be called, whatever it takes, I am making, baking this dish because :

1. I have some left over Velveeta cheese from the Broccoli Soup I cooked.
easy chicken taco casserole image 22. I have tons of tortilla chips that are just sitting here in the counter. Gosh, I told my husband not to buy chips anymore because we cannot eat the whole pack, then he bought two packs when his friend came over. Obviously, his friends do not care about tortilla chips either, so I am left here by myself trying to consume all of it. Then an enlightenment came, ” Aha! I can make it into a Chicken Taco Casserole! ” All of a sudden, the chips were gone just like that.

easy chicken taco casserole image 3You see, I am one of those obsessive kind of people. I want my counter really clean. I want it spotless; nothing should be in the counter or else, I will go crazy. The problem with this excessive obsessiveness is, kitchen counter are meant to be a place where your food leftover sits. So, whenever I see foods sitting on it, I do not want to waste it, so I eat it. In this case, it is the chips. I am tired of eating it. So it has to go, not on my stomach but to someone else’s stomach. I am thinking of my husband’s belly and my kids’. So I have to be creative on making these chips into something else. Something in which the chips are hidden ( kinda) , for them to eat it. And how lucky can I get! I found this recipe.

3. This recipe looks easy to make. I found this recipe from All You magazine and I thought I can try it. This recipe yields 6 to 8 servings. I tweaked it a little bit to fit my taste. It  is perfect for pack lunch and it is really good when you eat it the next day.
easy chicken taco casserole ingredients
So try it when you have some Velveeta Cheese and Tortilla chips left over. You will be glad you did. Oh, please don’t forget to like and follow me on Pinterest and Face book.

PS: I love that quote I posted on top. I wish so hard that I can create a masterpiece of my life. I really do.
easy chicken taco casserole image 5

Velveeta Chicken Recipe


4 cups shredded cooked chicken ( I used 6 pieces chicken breast,boiled and shred)
1 can (10 3/4 oz ) Campbell Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup
1/4 cup light sour cream
1 can ( 10 oz) dice tomatoes and green chilis ( undrained)
1 can ( 15 oz) black beans rinsed and drain 2 tablespoon taco seasoning mix
5 cups coarsely chopped tortilla chips
2 cups Shredded Velveeta Cheese


  • Place the 6 pieces chicken breast in a medium size pan. Add water to cover the breast. Add a little bit of salt and boil the breast until soft. When cooked, let the chicken breast cool and shred into small pieces.
  • Heat oven to 350 F
  • In a baking dish, stir chicken,soup, sour cream, tomatoes and green chilis and seasoning mix
  • Layer half of the chicken mixture,, 3 cups tortilla chips and half of the cheese.
  • Layer with remaining chicken, tortilla chips. Cover the baking dish wit foil
  • Bake for 30 minutes.Uncover the baking dish,Sprinkle with the remaining cheese.
  • Bake uncovered for 10 more minutes until bubbling and cheese is melted.

easy chicken taco casserole Nutrition Facts